Guided tour to the Abbey of Saint Michael and to the Reggia and the Gardens of Venaria Reale

The Monastery of St. Archangel Michael has a thousand years of history and it is one of the biggest religious complexes of the Romanesque era. It is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above a rocky mountain along which passed a road of pilgrims heading to the Holy Land. Mighty as a fortress, the monastery has steep stairs and is decorated with carved stones representing mythical creatures.

The main attractions are: the “staircase of the dead”, symbolizing the spiritual and the physical effort, the portal of the zodiac, the triptych of Defendente Ferrari and the tower of the local girl Alda. According to the legend, she jumped twice from the tower: the first time she was rescued by an angel but the second jump ended badly for her.

In clear weather, the terrace offers a breathtaking view of the valley of Susa and Turin.

Lunch on the typical italian farm or in an elegant restaurant.

Reggia and Gardens of Venaria Reale

Reggia and the Gardens of Venaria Reale – It is the largest summer royal residence of Savoy, designed and built between 1659 and 1675 by order of Duke Charles Emmanuel II, was intended as a place to stay during their hunting forays. Translated from the Latin, «Venatio Regia» means “royal hunt.” In addition to the magnificent palaces, the complex includes a village and park with gardens, forests and stables.

During the tour you will see:
Salon of Diana – Goddess of the hunt;
Diana’s Gallery and the Church of St. Hubert, which is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Hunters;
Household equipment, costumes and art collections of Baroque objects.


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