The europe’s highest vineyards

The pearl of the Alpine wines comes from Europe’s highest vineyard of prié blanc, the oldest grape of record in Valle d’Aosta.

During wine tasting tour we will present and explain the high altitude wines, late harvest and frozen grapes.

We’ll accompany you through the vineyards and cellars where you’ll hear the story directly from those who work daily on the land with his hands, with a passion creating good fruit in difficult geographic and climatic locations at altitudes.

You’ll taste the Chaudelune ice wine (vin de glace), a rare and precious nectar produced by natural cold extraction and vinified at the end of November from grapes that have survived several snowfalls and frosts and other delicius sparkling wines.

Local winemakers believe in a philosophy of strict non-interventionist, natural wine production, always respecting the terroir and the traditions and culture of the territory. Indigenous yeasts are used in the stainless steel, temperature controlled, fermentation.

The wine is carefully racked and does not undergo clarification or stabilization. The wines are bottled to order, allowing maximum freshness throughout the year. The temperature and dryness of the air make soil and vine disease scarce allowing the winemakers to use European, non-grafted vines, which results in healthier, longer lived wines with greater purity and character.

Taste: Very high acidity, flavors of lemons, green apple, apple juice, and lime with a chalky, stony minerality on the finish. The fruits are vibrant, electric and intense but stay nicely grounded by the strong minerality at the end.

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Casa Alpina

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