Guided tours to Yvoire and Annecy

Small flowering and charming medieval town Yvoire enters the list of the most beautiful cities in France!
In 1306, Count Amadeus V Savoy- built a small castle and town surrounded by ramparts.

After more than seven centuries, the town is completely preserved its original appearance. As if time stopped for him for many, many years ago.

Despite its small size, Yvoire stunningly charming! At any time, there are many colours and Yvoire deserves the title of one of the most prosperous cities of France.

At the foot of the castle, on the model of the closed gardens of medieval monasteries, created “The Garden of Five Senses,” a maze of roses, fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic herbs, bird houses and fountains.
After exploring the city, we stopped for lunch at a local restaurant in the old town with exquisite French cuisine.
Then you will move to Annecy. From Yvoire to Annecy just over an hour.

Annecy – is a charming medieval town stands on the shores of the lake, whose waters are small canals and streams traverse its streets.
Amazing beauty of Lake Annecy is considered the cleanest not only in France, but throughout Europe.

We’ll walk through the park along the Blue Lake and the ancient streets, see the former medieval prison on the island, resembling a huge ship (in the request can be visited), the castle of the Geneva counts and dukes of Savoy – now a museum, go over the bridge over the River Lovers Tiu and understand why Francis de Sales became the patron of journalists and writers delve into the scenery of the ballet “Swan Lake” and learn how interconnected our white clothes and lake Annecy.

At the end of the day we go to one of the local wineries and try the local wine.


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