Day Trip to Lyon + Sweet Tasting Experience

In 43 BCE, by the decree of Julius Caesar, the Roman settlement of Lugdunum was founded, later transforming into the capital of Gaul and eventually into the modern city of Lyon. Serving as a hub for trade routes, Lyon gained significant economic and political importance.

Today, Lyon proudly holds the title of the second capital of France and is renowned as the “gastronomic capital.” It has also gained fame for its silk, with the peak of silk production occurring in the 18th century. Interestingly, it was Lyon, not Paris, that dictated fashion trends during this era!

During the Lyon city tour, you will explore:

⚪ In the Old Town, discover inner courtyards with Renaissance-era architecture and the famous traboules of Lyon – secret passageways through houses.

⚪ St. John’s Cathedral – the city’s cathedral featuring renowned astronomical clocks and the site of the wedding of Henry IV and Marie de’ Medici in 1600.

⚪ Visit one of the last weaving workshops and witness the craftsmanship of silk scarves and shawls being made.

⚪ Ascend Fourvière Hill, home to the stone-built Basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière, a true palace of the Madonna built in the late 19th century as a gesture of gratitude for the city’s salvation from foreign invasion.

⚪ Roman theater and Odeon.

Welcome to the “Little Paris” Peninsula – the main shopping area with landmarks from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Explore Terrau Square, the city’s most beautiful square featuring a fountain crafted by the renowned sculptor Bartholdi, known for creating the Statue of Liberty.

Visit the Palace of Saint Peter, a museum of fine arts and one of the largest in France and Europe.

After exploring the Paul Bocuse Market, be sure to indulge in the famous Lyonnais dessert: praline tart or the “Lyonese Pillow.”

Upon request: indulge in a tasting of famous French cheeses such as Boursin, Saint Marcellin, Tomme de Savoie, Comté, and more.

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