In Aosta Valley and Chamonix, there are more than 20 trails suitable for the activity of canyoning. There are trails for children and adults, beginners and well prepared people.

Swimming, jumping, sliding on natural toboggans, games and fun are what make up this new adventure. Drop down with ropes, be transported by the natural chutes digging in the rocks and then take a dip in the clear water.

No previous experience is needed!

Easy trails

They are good for everyone who wish to try the activity of canyoning for the first time. You can try techniques such as guided abseiling, slides and jumps into the water (always optional). This is the best way to explore this fascinating outdoor sport & making you scream for more. Enough to get wet, learn the basics, have fun and turn home with a good tiredness!
Groups made up to 8 people.
Duration: about 3 hours (1 km).

Price: 65/80 € per person.

Trails of medium difficulty

Suitable also for beginners, but is required a good physical condition.
Groups made up to 8 people.
Duration: about 4 hours (1.5 km).

Price: 85-100 € per person.

Difficult trails

These trails are suitable for adults who are already expert of canyoning. Groups made by 3 people.
Duration: about 6 hours.

Price: 140-155 € per person.

Price includes: alpine guide, mountaineering equipment, helmet, wetsuit.

What to bring:
– Comfortable sturdy sports shoes (they go into the water and get wet)
– Swimsuit and towel

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