Lakes around Courmayeur

lake miage courmayeur mont blanc trekking

Lago del Miage

7.4-acres lake located in glacier Miage at an altitude 2051 m. The route is quite easy and suitable for families with children. It starts in Courmayeur (1230 m). Height difference: 800 m. Time: 3 h.

Lago di Liconi

18.5 acres at an altitude of 2555 m. It is one of more beautiful lakes of the region. Its route begins in Morgex (1625 m) and it’s challenging, but safe. Height difference: 930 m. Time: 3 h.

lake checruit mont blanc hiking route trekking

Courmayeur 1208 m - Lago Chécrouit 2160 m

Easy panoramic route at the foot of Mont Blanc to Lake Checrouit - one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. The route begins in the village of Dolonne and we go up to Plan Chécrouit (1702 m) after 50-60 min. This is a center of the Courmayeur ski resort, in summer it turns into a real spa complex with a swimming pool and a lot of restaurants and bars. It offers breathtaking view of Courmayeur. From here, we will follow the narrow path and after about 60 minutes we will reach the Lake Chécrouit, in which like in the mirror reflects Mont Blanc and glaciers. Altitude + 952 mt. Duration 2:20 h.

lake arpy la thuile courmayeur monte bianco

Lake Arpy (Lago d'Arpy)

Easy and without any difficulty, the hike will undoubtedly intoxicate the hiker through the scene on the Mont Blanc. It starts on the San Carlo Pass, not far from La Tuile. The route is straight and large and after 60 minutes you reach the Arpy Lake, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view on Mont Blanc. The altitude +60 m. Duration: 50-60 min
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