Fantastic traverse of the glacier of Géant from Courmayeur to Chamonix!

It starts at the Helbronner peak (3462m), summit of the italian cable car Sky Way, to Aiguille du Midi (3842m), panoramic viewing platform in french side. This walk can be done also in contrariwise.
Dear friends, here you see one of the most beautiful high-altitude route in the Mont Blanc massif! It is suitable for both adults and children and don't require any special sport preparation.
треккинг на монблане
Our adventure begins with guide meeting at the Sky Way cable car. Then ascent to Punta Helbronner, a cup of hot espresso, and we can go on ... In the summer, the weather is good, at 8.30 the temperature here is about 5°C, which is not bad for such height! This wonderful spot has terraces with 360° panoramas of Mont Blanc, the Italian, French, Swiss Alps
монблан из Италии
We get down from the terasse to the glacier and wear equipment: crampons, ice ax, harnesses. Then we link to the guide and start! At this point, you feel like a real alpinist, who is preparing to conquer some infernal many-thousand metre subpeak.
In fact, it looks more like a walk with sunbathing, even if at an altitude of 3500 m. You almost don't notice a 400-meter vertical drop during the route, because you are so passionate about the amazing beauty around.
ледник мер де глас пешком перейти
походы на леднике монбланы
ледник гигантов на монблане, мер де глас
The first half of the route we go on a flat zone of a huge glacier. Then we pass near an extraordinary red granite tower Grand Capucin.
расщелины на монблане и треккинг поход на монблане по леднику с гидом походы и прогулки на леднике монблана
Here we can see a lot of crevasses. Wе jump over it, bypass or cross a snow bridges. At all events we pay attention and take a long step over the obstacle! It's a bit terrified to look into the crevasses but don't worry, you are strongly linked to the guide and you both want to live :))) прогулки по леднику мер де глас летом
Here, the view on serac is particularly impressive! сераки на монблане и походы через них ледник для детей и взрослых треккинг и походы
Ahead is already visible the Eguille du Midi's peak. At the our left we see an iron construction it is a mountain hunt where it is possible to stop for a lunch or overnight. But we go around the rock on the right side and start rather sloping rise for about 10 minutes. вид на пик эгюй дю миди с ледника мер де глас пешеходные прогулки в валле д'аосте
Then we come to a ridge position... technically this part is not so hard and would only require about 10-15 min. ледник мер де глас монблан
On this side the view of Chamonix is very impressive! вид на шамони с монблана
And now the last breakthrough to Aiguille du Midi. Here it is better not to look down, so watch your step! Especially if you are not the most skilled climber :) подъем на гребне на эгюй дю миди, треккинг на монблане
Well, 4 hours have flashed by as one minute! And thanks to heaven for excellent weather! How to reach from France back Italy, you ask? Easily. We sit down on a cable car and we go, waching the solar route which we have just passed  and figures of the relishing amateur climbers...
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