Ring route - ref Chabot - ref Emmanuele II

ring route gran paradsi chabot emmanuele valsavarenche
There are thousands of itineraries in the Gran Paradiso Park, but Gran Paradiso itself is not visible everywhere. We offer one of the most panoramic route of the park.
The route begins in the valley of Valsavarenche (1834m), the first hour we go along a serpentine, along a not steep and well prepared route. Approximately at an altitude of 2200m we finally can admire the snow-covered Grand Paradiso peak.
In the hut (hotel and restaurant) you can stop for lunch.
There are several options for descent:
1. You can return on the same route that we climbed. The descent will take about 1.40 hours.
2. For those who are well prepared, we propose to pass the traverse to the second hut of Emmanuel II (2732m). The traverse is not difficult, just with few ascents. The path passes through the stones and meadows. We will reach the hut in 1.5 hours, and then we have to walk for about 2 hours to the valley.
Total on the descent to the car, we need about 3.5 hours.
Drop to Chabot hut +900.
Walking time (uphill) 2:10 h.

Cogne - Valontey- Lillaz waterfalls

trekking gran paradiso valontey lillaz waterfalls
Very easy hikes suitable for family walks and beginners.
Valnontey, the doorway to the park offers you its breathtaking views. It is the realm of chamois, ibexes, marmots, majestic golden eagles and beloved and protected flora. The walk around the waterfalls of Lillaz is a classic route in Cogne valley. The first waterfall is 10 minutes walk from the village and a few min walk away there are another two waterfalls. The waterfalls can be admired in their entirety thanks to the paths that skirt them and allow visitors to explore all the different levels. After hiking we can have lunch in one of the best restaurants in the area, offering outstanding view of the Gran Paradiso glacier. The restaurant serves fresh trout, cheese fondue, grilled meats, and other local, Italian, French and Swiss traditional dishes.

Gimillan - Lake Money

треккинг на озеро моней в конь гран парадизо
Panoramic route begins in Gimillan, near village of Cogne. Along the way you can admire the stunning views of Gran Paradiso and the Valontey Valley.
We walk most of the way through idyllic high alpine meadows, larch forests, babbling brooks and mighty waterfalls. The itinerary is quite simple and suitable for beginners. Near the lake there is no restaurants, so we recommend you bring some snacks.
Elevation + 800 mt.
Walking time (uphill):  2:45 h.

Lac de Loie

lake loie gran paradiso trekking
This beautiful hike offers varied landscapes and fabulous panoramas. Starting from Lillaz the trail starts by the Lillaz waterfalls before ascending through quiet and shady forest of pine, larch and fir. After the initial climb, you will emerge into Alpine pasture before making the final short push to the crystal blue waters of the Lago di Loie at 2354m. Along the way, enjoy views of Mont Blanc.
Height difference: +840 m.
Time: 2,5h.

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame - Rifugio Benevolo - Goletta Lake

lake goletta rifugio benevolo rheme notre dame trekking in gan paradiso national park routes
A nice hike in the Grand Paradis Natural Park - along the Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Valley from Thumel to Rifugio Benevolo, which will be reached after about 2 hours of hiking. There are lots of waterfalls and if you are in luck, you can see a marmot. The beautiful "Goletta Lake" at the foot of the glacier at 1,5 hours from the shelter. At the lake we will have our lunch break. From here we can see the goletta glacier that once lapped the shores of the homonym lake.
Height difference: +900 m.
Time: 3 h.

Mont Avic Park

треккинг на озеро моней в конь гран парадизо

Chardonnay - Dondena Shelter

A relatively easy and short route to the mountain shelter, situated at an altitude of 2196 m. With an elevation gain of 750 m, the ascent takes approximately 2.35 hours. треккинг на озеро моней в конь гран парадизо

Covarey – Barbustel Shelter

A panoramic and not challenging route in the Mont Avic National Park. During the walk, if you're lucky, you might spot some wildlife.

For those not accustomed to long hikes and significant elevation changes, the route can be shortened by half, with an option to have a picnic by the picturesque lake. For those who wish to complete the full journey, a delicious lunch awaits at the mountain shelter at an altitude of 2200m.

Elevation gain: 900m.

Ascent time: 3 hours.

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