Pila (Aosta)

Pila (1800m) - Chamolé lake (2325m)

lago-chamole-trekking-guide   Excellent hiking route for beginners and well prepared trekkers who want to do an acclimatization before more serious climbing. Starting in Pila at an altitude of 1800 m. (it is possible to get from Aosta to Pila by car or on a cable car for 6 euros go/back), we trek up for about 1.40 hours through alpine meadows covered by flowers, rivers, small forest til we get to the Chamolé lake (2325m), where you can stop for a rest.
Elevation: + 525m (Pila - Chamolé lake)
Time going up: 1.40 hours (Pila - Chamolé lake)


Chamolé lake (2325m) - Col Replan (2373m)

If you feel tired, you can end the route at the lake, but we would suggest to climb up to Col Replan (2373m), where you can admire the stunning views of the main peaks of the region (4810m Mont Blanc, Cervino / Matterhorn 4478m, Grand Combin 4314).
The ascent will take about 30 minutes.
Elevation: + 48m (Chamolé lake - Col Replan)
Time going up: 30 min (Chamolé lake - Col Replan)

Chamolé lake (2325m) - Rifugio Arbolle (2511m)

rif Arbolle. hiking Pila
After having rest on a Chamolé lake (2325m) the journey is continues until the Arbolle refuge (2511m). The section till colle di Chamolé (2641m) is quite steep and it takes about 45 min. From the hill it takes about 20 minutes to get to refuge.
Elevation: +316m - 130m
Time to going up: 1,10 h.
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