Forte di Bard castle

Forte di Bard - this is one of largest fortification in Aosta Valley, located at the entrance to the valley, in a very narrow gorge. The original castle was built in the XI century (in 1034), and for many centuries served as the "entrance" to the valley. From the title it is clear that this is more a fortress than a traditional fort. In May 1800, a French army of 40 tousand soldiers was stopped by 400 Austro-Piedmontese troops at Fort Bard. They kept this passage for two weeks, highly upsetting Napoleon's plans for a surprise attack on Turin. After having been briefed about the defeat of his troops, Napoleon called the fort as the "evil castle Bard" and ordered to raze it to the ground. Between 1830 and 1838 the castle was completely renovated, until it became property of the region of Valle d'Aosta, by 1990. In recent years, it was used as a prison, but now it is a modern multi-media and interactive Museum of the Alps, hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions, and other cultural events. Down of the Fort we can visit the medieval village of Bard, with its many historic buildings. forte di bard guided tour
At the sausage factory you will taste the most tender Lard in the world, the “mocetta” (beef jerky), neck with juniper, “Bon Bocon” pork sausage, boiled goat sausage, dried meat of mountain goat, brisket "Pancetta". At the winery you’ll taste a delicious red wine, which is also called "mountain brother of Barolo" because it is made by the same Nebbiolo grape varieties. And a typical Aosta Valley "Cheese lunch" in a local farmhouse where you will visit a Fontina cheese production and caves. If you wish, you can extend your tour by paying a visit to the Roman bridge in Pont San Martin (III BC), as well as having a  walk along the Gallo-Roman road in Donnas, carved in the rock over a mountain gorge.
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Casa Alpina

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