Fumin wine tasting in Aosta Valley

The Fumin grape is native to the Aosta Valley, first recordings of Fumin date back to 1711, at that time it was described as being resistant to the cold and having excellent wine-making properties: tart, austere, deep in colour, not to be drunk young but requires ageing for a long period. The name Fumin comes from fumo, the Italian word for smoke, because of the smoky character of wines made from it.

Fumin is aged in barriques from 9 to 12 months, the wines age well for up to 15 years but are generally at their best between 5 and 8 years after the vintage.

Traditionally, wine produced from Fumin has been blended with other local and international grapes, adding a purple-ruby color and firm structure, while it has also more recently been vinified alone with excellent results.

Fumin produces inkier wines with more herbal flourishes, but, being a highly reductive variety, it needs to be vinified carefully or off-aromas can easily appear. It buds late and ripens early, which makes it a boon in cooler Alpine environments, as it can avoid frosts at either end of the growing season.

Colour: opaque purple-ruby color with a narrow crimson rim

Nose: moderately intense with wild black cherry, blackberry and meat aromas along with its signature notes of smoke

Taste: dark, brooding flavors of blackberry, blackcurrant, smoke, tar, wild blueberry, black-strap molasses and char.  The dark fruits and earthy smoke are all held up wonderfully by the bright Alpine acidity.

Paring with medium and long aged cheese like toma and Fontina, fondue, civet, game, salami, soups, and a lot local dishes.

Taste the Fumin during wine tasting tours in Aosta Valley

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