Travelling with pets in Aosta Valley

Pets are part of our families so it’s logical that you would want to include them in your family holiday.

Read on for more information about bringing your pet to Aosta Valley.


Many hotel and apartments are pet-friendly in Aosta Valley. Some have limits on the size and number of pets. we invite you ti visit pet-friendly apartments in Aosta.


Restaurants in Italy are generally dog-friendly, they won’t mind you bringing your pooch along with you as long as s/he is well-behaved!


Dr Roberto Pelizzaro is an English-speaking vet based near Aosta town
Address: Località Plan Felinaz, 9/Int. 1 11020 – Charvensod (AO)
Tel: +39 0165239891

On public transport

Dogs may ride on the buses and trains which take you the length of the Aosta Valley, but they must be muzzled and held on a lead. Tickets 50% discount.

If you lose your pet

Always make sure your dogs and cats are wearing a collar with identification tags. Microchipping is an excellent (and obligatory in Italy!) form of identification as well.
Visit local dog pound (shelter): 
Avapa onlus. Località La Croix Noire, rue de l’Aréne, 10, 11020 Saint-christophe
Tel: +39 0165 34627

Pet Shops

Petstore Conad.  Località Anserod, 27 Sarre

Acquario Octopus.  Via Torino, 6 Aosta and Villaggio Amerique, 89/a Villair-Amerique

Pet Shop. Rue du Mont Blanc, 65 Morgex 

La Bottega del Pulito.  Via Emilio Chanoux, 110 Saint-Vincent

Hiking with dogs in Aosta Valley

In summer, it’s great to head up the mountain with your dog, and we’re sure that they’ll love it as much as you. There are plenty of open pastures and lakes for them to dive into! However, bear in mind that there are certain restrictions in place in the mountain parks which vary according to the time of year.
A quick overview of where your dogs are allowed to go:

Gran Paradiso
Dogs can be walked on leads only at the bottom of the valley and, from the 15th of July to the 15th of September, along some of the paths, in compliance with the Park’s Regulation.  Download maps and routes of the areas accessible the whole year, as well as summer itineraries authorized by derogating the Regulation.

Pila / Aosta. Free in all ski lifts of the resort and can be walked on leads only.

Courmayeur Mont-Blanc. 5€ round trip. Dogs can be walked on leads only.

Sky Way Mont Bianco. 7€ round trip. Dogs must be muzzled and held on a lead.

Cervinia. Free in all ski lifts of the resort and can be walked on leads only.

Our Top 7 Hiking Tips in Aosta Valley:

trekking with dogs in aosta valley, routes and guides

1. Maintain your dog’s energy levels. Don’t give your dog a big meal in the morning of your hike to ensure they have enough time to digest.

2. Pick up after your dog – is important hiking etiquette. Dog excrement contains harmful levels of bacteria that can harm and disrupt local wildlife, native habitats and groundwater supplies.

3. Remember to make sure you stop for water breaks frequently. When you need a drink, chances are your dog will too so make sure you carry enough fresh water for you and your dog

4. Food. Carry nutritious snacks for your dog and offer them regularly to keep your dog’s energy level high.

5. Dog clothing. Putting an argyle sweater on your dog so he looks fancy on the golf course is not what we’re talking about. If you have a shorthaired dog or a dog that spends the majority of their time indoors, they could benefit from an extra layer against wet and cold conditions.

6. Dog First Aid Supplies: Pack a first aid kit especially for your dog or add some dog-specific supplies (multi-tool with tweezers, tick removal tool (also useful for any ticks you find on yourself!).

7. Collar with a tag that has your telephone number on it in case you get separated.

If an activity or attraction that you would like to visit doesn’t cater for dogs but you don’t want to miss out – why not book a sitter to care for your dog while you are out? Ask Tania for details  +39 3358376414

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