Canyoning in Aosta Valley

I heard about canyoning for the first time 2-3 years ago. I thought those people were crazy. Why would you voluntarily jump into water just feet away from sharp rocks?!

This year i decided to try to do this activity…

Canyoning has a little bit of everything, from rock climbing, cliff jumping, rappelling down waterfalls, and even sliding down waterfalls.
We met at about 9 o’clock, we had kitted up with wetsuits, helmets, ropes, climbing hardware and then we started hiking through a forest until we reached the starting point of the route. The temperature that day was about + 28 °.

When we had stopped, I saw in front of me a sheer cliff of 20 meters (then it seemed to be about 200 m). I think I was ready when I was yet looking behind the group, but when my turn arrived, my knees started shaking.
The worst thing was to make a step “into the void”, because anything was clear: the speed and place of descent, temperature of water, is it deep, where to swim and how to climbing on the rock after, and what to do if something will happen while the guide is still at the top… All I had to do was lean back, step back, and keep my body horizontal as I descended. Most importantly, I trusted our guide to hold the rope.

When you touch the water, you understand that it wasn’t scaring at all.

Then the guide propose to make a jump off a cliff. In the beginning you look at him incredulously… Definitely, the first jump is the most terrifying and exciting one.

After the jump, we slowly move forward…  somewhere we should slide, somewhere to pass under the rocks and then to swim a little – so, nothing difficult

Then one of the water slides, feet first this time. 

After that, the guide propose to try climbing. There is no risk – you fall into the water.

Then was most terrifying and exciting moment: I see a steep slope with narrow trail, the water is flowing fast and of course, I can’t see where it ending. I also can’t understand how fast will I slide there.
The guide explains that the hands should be kept on the chest, you have to be lying down and not move otherwise you can hurt your back… That was not really encouraging.

Then holding your hand guide helps you to seat on the top and you realize that there is no speed, you even need to thrust yourself a little forward… not quick slipping for 2 meters, for a few seconds the sensation of flight, and then you realize that you are already in the pool.

Then someone jump in the “pool”… they don’t think, just jump and trust themself… someone swim and someone just get a sun-tan..

The we walked the slippery rocks down the river to another waterfall slide.

Then final fun slide…

The total trip lasted about 3 hours, and every second was incredible. Canyoning is definitely something I would want to do again!

When you pass the route for the first time emotions are overwhelm you, you don’t feel any tired, any thirst or hunger, you just think about what will be ahead.

You are guaranteed to get the most out of the experience in a safe and friendly environment.

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