Cantine Aperte (Visits to Winemakers) 2023

Cantine Aperte is the most famous and important event that opens the doors to millions of wine tourists and enthusiasts to discover the world and culture of wine directly in its places of production.

8 wineries will participate in the 2023 edition:

– Starting from the lower Valley, the historic Caves de Donnas Cooperative,

– Luciano Zoppo Ronzero’s Pianta Grossa company,

– This year’s novelty Chateau Vieux in Pont Saint Martin,

– The two wineries from Arnad: Dino Bonin‘s winery, which will celebrate its 50th harvest at Cantine Aperte, and the La Kiuva cooperative.

– Going up the Valley, there will be a stop in Aosta at the Institut Agricole Régional and Maison D&D, which will host the cheese company “La Chèvre Heureuse” and the grilled Jambon from Saint-Oyen, and then you’ll reach Saint-Pierre to visit the La Source winery.

This year, a NEW FEATURE in each winery will be a dedicated space for “Heroic Viticulture CERVIM,” where enthusiasts can taste the difficult wine excellences from around the world that have participated in the prestigious international competition Mondial des Vins Extrêmes. Heroic viticulture is a significant expression of the Valle d’Aosta.

Not just wine: from street food to folk and jazz music!

There will also be some special treats, such as the street food offered by Pianta Grossa, which has turned Cantine Aperte into an event within the event over the years, in collaboration with Le Velò.

The Donnas winery offers not only its wines but also local products such as cheeses from the Peretto company and sweets from Bonne Vallée.

For those who feel like taking a stroll, they can take advantage of the organized tour by Chateau Vieux, from the winery to the vineyard, where wines will be paired with local products such as cured meats and cheeses, among others.

The Institut Agricole Régional will offer their wines in combination with their own dairy products.

In addition to wines, Maison D&D offers their own production of honey.

The day will be accompanied by music and songs from jazz and folkloric groups that, as they move from one winery to another, will delight wine enthusiasts.

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