Petite Arvine wine tasting in Aosta Valley

There is much uncertainty and speculation about the origin of Petite Arvine. Some believe that this variety had originated in Martigny (Switzerland). Some others believe that might have originated in the region of Aosta Valley from where it travelled to Valais (Switzerland) during the middle ages.

By the way it was registered in Aosta Valley in the 1970s by the Institut Agricole.

The grape is commonly known as Arvine these days, though the Petite Arvine name was necessary for many years to differentiate it from another grape known as Grosse Arvine (or sometimes Arvine Grande) which has larger berries and which makes wine of a much lower quality. Today, Grosse Arvine is practically extinct (it does not exist in cultivation but only in grape collections) so the distinction isn’t as important.

The grapes are not happy with soil that is too fertile or marked by too much dryness, they require a loose, sandy terrain with moraine soils.

The vinification starts with gentle pressing of the berries to produce must. After that it has been allowed to fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 12 days at 18°C. The wine produced is then allowed to age by the process of Sur Lies and Bâtonnage where the finished wine is allowed to stand in lees and occasionally the sediments are stirred back into the wine for a period of 6 months to enhance their flavour contents. It has great ageing abilities.

In a glass the wine is slightly straw yellow.

On nose it has the exotic aroma of passion, grapefruit, lemon, rhubarb and wisteria are followed by flavors of citrus fruits, honey, mineral notes and a surprising.

On the palate, they leave a slight minerality with a piercing tangy flavour and a slight touch of saltiness to it with rich and delicate grapefruit notes. While it is full and soft, it is also very refreshing.

Petit Arvine tastes perfectly well with Fontina cheese, Cornichons served with melted raclette Cheese, spicy dishes like Barley Risotto with Mushroom and Gremolata, sicilian vegetable lasagna, mac and cheese, Chinese Ravioli, Asian noodle sauté with vegetables, beet.

Вы сможете попробовать вино Петит Арвин во время наших винных турах в долине Аоста.

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