Gamay wine

Gamay is a grape that has been around since the 1300s, one of the first written mentions as “Gaamez”.

Think of Gamay as the little brother of Pinot Noir that never received all the attention and accolades that his older sibling did. The grapes were both born in the same region of Burgundy, Pinot Noir has always overshadowed the Gamay grape.  The wine produced from the Gamay grape tends to exhibit characteristics that are very similar to that of Pinot Noir.

Alpine Gamay in Valley d’Aosta speaks Italian and French, but there’s nothing Nouveau about Gamay in this valley: It was brought here a thousand years ago during the reign of the Dukes of Burgundy. The vineyards sit at 650-800 m., soils are alluvial with glacial moraine. Hand-harvested grapes are macerated for eight days and then aged for eight months, all in stainless steel.

Gamay grape variety offers fresh, red-fruit and candied aromas, it typically delivers little in the way of flavor concentration and body weight, giving light, simple wines. Expect to smell fresh cut violets, iris and peony flowers wrapped in cherry, raspberry and plum with subtle background notes of potting soil.

Characteristically, Gamay displays flavors of red cherries and strawberries and – when vinified using the carbonic maceration method – boiled sweets and banana.

Gamay is a great red wine to accompany local cured meat, cheese plates as well as salad dishes, soups, potages and even roast chicken and fish.

You can taste Gamay wine during our tastings in Aosta Valley

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