Wine aromas

The oddest aromas you can find in wine:

MOLDY TOWEL That’s an indicator that your glassware isn’t clean.

PETROL The smell of gas is said to be present in very high quality German Rieslings.

CAT’S PEE This aroma helps to identify a high-quality Sauvignon Blanc.

CANNED GREEN BEANS If you smell this aroma, chances are it was poorly made.

BURNT RUBBER This smell occur in many young red wines (es.Syrah). If you do hate this smell, drop a clean piece of copper into the glass.

ROTTEN EGGS It can often occur when the winemaker has used reductive winemaking.

WET DOG This is one of the surest signs your wine is corked.

RAW MEAT You can find it in powerful red wines like Bordeaux.

WET DIRT This rich and earthen smell is associated with mature, full bodied red wines.

ROSES One of our favorite wine aromas, it can be found in high-quality Nebbiolo (Barolo and Barbaresco)

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