Italian pizza mastercalss in Courmayeur and Chamonix


pizza cooking class in courmayeur chamonix Neapolitan pizza is listed as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, and its preparation is recognized as an art!

This masterclass provides an opportunity to learn about the pizza's history, the amazing facts associated with it, as well as preparation of the pizza first by following all the steps from making the dough to the baking in the oven with the help of a master chef-pizzaiolo.




pizza making master class courmayeur and chamonixWhat's the difference between a Neapolitan and a classic pizza?
What kind of flour is good to use?
Fire and temperature maintenance?
How long to rest the dough and how to lay it off?
How to use tomato and when to pour on the oil?
The answers to these and many other questions, will be learnt from our chef-pizzaiolo.



Participants of the masterclass get blanks of the dough balls, smear them with a special tomato sauce, then add the filling, with the obligatory presence of special types of cheese, a little olive oil, and - then the pizza goes into the hot oven.


The pizza making coocking class is ideal for a pleasant pastime with friends, for team building in small companies, as well as for middle and high pupils.


Join our COOKING CLASS in Courmayeur (Italy) and Chamonix (France)