Guided tour to the Sarre Castle


sarre castle guided tour in aosta valleyThe castle was built on a rock in the village of Sarre in 1710. In 1869 the castle was acquired by the King of Italy Victor Emanuel II, who rebuilt it and used as a residence during the hunting trips.
Victor Emmanuel's successor, Umberto I (1844 -1900) also used the alpine castle for hunting trips. On this occasion, the room were decorated with hunting trophies - horns of mountain goats, chamois to celebrate him.
In Sarre it is quiet, nice and cosy. Even the formal portraits of ancestors of the House of Savoy are perceived as family photos. Emanuele Filiberto was the one who allowed French language in Valle d'Aosta to become officially registered.
The main attraction of the castle is the main hall and gallery leading to it. Their decoration and design - the embodiment of the hunting passion of kings. Arches and walls decorated with ornaments of Gallery 500 argali horns of mountain goats on the design of the main hall took 969 horns. However, not all animal horns were mined on the hunt. Many simply found they belonged to animals that died a natural death, or killed by an avalanche. These horns were brought to the castle collection rangers and residents who knew about the passion of the king.


To the tour of the castle is possible to add: