Guided tour to Fenis castle in Aosta Valley


fenis castle of aosta valle history and guided tour The castle was built in 1340 on the site of Aimone Challant pre-existing medieval buildings. Unlike many other castles built mainly for defensive or military purposes, the castle Fenice is not located on an impregnable mountain, but on a small hill, because it was not used as a military fortification, rather than a symbol of prestige Challant’s house.

During the tour you will get an idea of the Savoy family lifestyle.

If you take a look at it from above, it is - a pentagon surrounded by round observation towers and high crenellated walls in two rows. In order to get to the second round of the walls, it is necessary to pass through a square tower in the south of the castle.

In one of the towers of the castle we can see a dovecote. Before the pigeons were postmen and in case of emergency or war, they would release them, they fly and were able to warn neighbours of trouble or call them for help.

Inside the medieval castle superbly painted ancient frescoes, and all its rich decoration of rare wood carvings. Castle Fénis stands proudly over the surrounding area, although it is located at the foot of Mount Saint Julien.

To the tour of the castle is possible to add: