Climb Mont Blanc


We invite you to try this uphill along the classic route, from the French side. This route requires perfect physical conditions and acquired mountaineering experience.
1st day: Nid d'Aigle (2372 m), Valle dell'Arve, Francia – Rifugio Gouter.
Height difference: +1460 m. Time: 5h/5h 30’.

2nd day: Uphill on Mont Blanc peak (4808 m.). Height difference: +980 m. Time: around 4h 30’.

Total height difference: +2440 m
Total rise time: 10 h.
Total time (round trip): 18 h.
Places of rest: Rifugio de Tete Rousse (3167 m), Rifugio Gouter (3817 m).


7-day tour and climbing Mont Blanc

tour in chamonix aclimatization and climbing mont blanc with private guide1 day - Arrival in Chamonix. Purchase of missing equipment.

2 day - Ascent to the glacier Mer de Glas. A training day for using an ice ax and crampons.

3 day - Ascent to the Aiguille du Midi (3842m). Descent to the plateau and climb Pointe Lachenal (3613 m). Basic rules for trekking on the snow.

4 day - Ascent by train to the station Nid d`Aigle (2362m). Then trekking up to the hut “Refuge Tete Rousse”, located at an altitude of 3200 meters (3 hours). Overnight in a hut.

5 day - Ascent to the hut "Refuge de Goute" located at an altitude of 3817 meters on the crest of Mont Blanc (4 hours). Overnight in the hut.

6 day - Departure from the hut at 3 a.m. Climbing Mont Blanc (4-5 hours). Return to the Refuge de Goute (2 hours). Rest in the hut for 1 hour and descent to Chamonix (4-5 hours).

Note: The acclimatization training program may vary depending on weather conditions and the well-being of clients.