Hiking in Courmayeur & La Thuile Mont Blanc


No matter the season, Courmayeur offers stunning views on the Mont-Blanc and the glaciers.

No doubt about it: hiking routes are fun. Especially in a region like Courmayeur and La Thuile where there is plenty to discover

In the beautiful Val Ferret, you can admire the Mont Blanc, the Grandes Jorasses and the glaciers. In Val Ferret from mid-June rhododendrons are blooming, colouring the fields with beautiful fuchsia spots.

Val Vény is particularly indicated for families, offering a great green area along the river where kids can run and play. Besides, Val Vény offers beautiful hikes, with closer views of the Mont Blanc.

Val Ferret (1695m) - Bonatti refuge (2025m) - Malatra Pass (2925m)

trekking courmayeur mont blanc with guidePanoramic route at the foot of Mont Blanc is good for children and adults. The route starts at Val Ferret at an altitude of 1695m and passes through the forest. After 50-60 minutes we reach the Bonatti refuge (2025m), was named after the world famous alpinist and explorer Walter Bonatti. Here the forest ends and open amazing views over the Gran Joras and Mont Blanc.

Then we pass through alpine meadows, pastures, streams and reach the fork in 30 minutes, where you can choose an easier route and in 1 hour to arrive to the Pas entre-deux-Sauts (2520m) with a stunning view of Mont Blanc. We recommend this itinerary for beginners.

For those who feel confident with the mountains, we suggest choosing a longer route and to go to the Col de Malatrà (2925m) which you reach in about 2 hours.

Altitude to Pas entre-deux-Sauts: + 825m
Time: 2.5 hours

Altitude to Col de Malatrà: + 1230m
Time: 3.2 hours




Val Ferret (1695m)  - Bertone refuge (2000m)

trekking mont blanc bertone One of the most beautiful route at the foot of Mont Blanc. It starts near Courmayeur, in the place called Planpincieux. On the way to the refuge, we are constantly looking at Mont Blanc massif and glaciers, and on the way back we see the Grandes Jorasses mountain.

It's one of the best itinerary for beginners of any age.

For tourist with good preparation we propose a circle route, passing through Bonatti refuge.

Elevation to Bertone refuge: + 400m
Time: 1,5 hours

Elevation Planpincieux - Bertone refuge - Bonatti refuge - Planpincieux: + 750m
Time for the whole route: 4-5 hours

Val Ferret (1695m) - Bonatti refuge (2025m)

hiking in courmayeur mont blanc nonatti with guidePleasant easy route for beginners in Val Ferret, in 1:30-1:45 h we'll reach the mountain hut of Bonatti where is possible to have a pic-nic, to take amazing photos with glacier views.

Elevation: +400м
Time: 1,5h

From the hut is possible:
1. To walk till the mountain meadows (20 min)
2. To go to Bonatti hut (2,5 h)
3. To back to the Val Ferret (40 min)



Courmayeur 1208 m - Lago Chécrouit 2160 m

озеро Шекруи в курмайор, аоста, мон блан, шамони, треккинг Easy panoramic route at the foot of Mont Blanc to Lake Checrouit - one of the most beautiful lakes in the region.

The route begins in the village of Dolonne and we go up to Plan Chécrouit (1702 m) after 50-60 min. This is a center of the Courmayeur ski resort, in summer it turns into a real spa complex with a swimming pool and a lot of restaurants and bars. It offers breathtaking view of Courmayeur.

From here, we will follow the narrow path and after about 60 minutes we will reach the Lake Chécrouit, in which like in the mirror reflects Mont Blanc and glaciers.

Altitude + 952 mt.
Duration 2:20 h.



Refuge Elena 2061m. and Col Grand Ferret 2537m.


приют Елена, Мон Блан, курмайор треккинг, италияNot difficult route in Val Ferret, it's situable for children and beginners. Val Ferret runs from the foot of Mont Blanc on towards Col Ferret, the pass that leads over into Switzerland.

After about 1:20 h walk you'll reach the Ref.Elena where you can have a pick-nick, lunch or just sunbath. From the refuge you'll admire the breathtaking view on the glacier of Prè de Bar, which is an unforgettable sight!

If you are not tired you can continue to the Col Grand Ferret - border with Switzerland. This is a difficult part of the route, suitable for experienced walkers and trekkers.

The altitude +300 m. to the refuge and + 476m to the pick. Total 776m
Duration: 1:20 h to the refuge and 1:30 h to the pick.




Rifugio Elisabetta and Col de La Seigne 2.197 / 2.514  m.

mont blanc trekking courmayeur rif elisabetta france col de la seigneRoute in Val Veny to Elisabetta mountain hut suitable for family walks and for less experienced hikers.

If you want to extend the hike it is possible to extend it till the Col de la Seigne. After 50-60 min of walking we'll see the small museum “Casermetta”, which is dedicated to the history of Mont Blanc.

After 35 min we'll arrive to the col de la Seigne - border with France. You have a stunning scenery of the Val Veni with the Pyramides Calcaires and the Mont Blanc right in front of you.

The altitude +527 m. to the refuge Elisabetta  and + 317m to the Col de La Seigne. Total 844 m
Duration: 1:30 h to the refuge and 1:30 h to the Col de la Seigne.



Courmayeur - La Thuile

treeking from courmayeur to la thuile mont blanc for advancedIt starts in Courmayeur (1216m), climbing steeply into the mountains to Rifugio Vieille (1956m) where is possible to stop for a break and coffe. Then for 1 hour will ve very plasent and panoramic walk up along the dirt road admiring the view of Mont Blanc and the glaciers.

Then 40 min of steep ascent to Mont Fortin (2.758m). Following the ridge the path goes slightly down to the mountain pastures (2.421m) and from here a long descent takes you into La Thuile (1450m) via vallone di Chavannes.

Altitude + 1550 m.
Total duration 7,5 h.




Lake Arpy (Lago d'Arpy)

lake arpy la thuile courmayeur monte bianco Easy and without any difficulty, the hike will undoubtedly intoxicate the hiker through the scene on the Mont Blanc.

It starts on the San Carlo Pass, not far from La Tuile. The route is straight and large and after 60 minutes you reach the Arpy Lake, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view on Mont Blanc.

You can have a picnic at the lake or if you have a strength, you can walk for 1.5 hours to the pass.

The altitude +60 m.
Duration: 50-60 min


La Thuile - Deffeyes Mountain Hut - Waterfalls

la thuile deffeyes waterfalls hiking ring with guideAlbert Deffeyes was one of the principles supporters of the independence of the Aosta Valley: and not only the hut, but also the Piazza of the Regional Aosta Palace have been dedicated to his name. The hut, oasis among the ice, was destroyed during the Second World War, to take away a possible secure base from the partisans.

We start our hiking near the hamlet of La Joux, at about 3 kilometers from La Thuile. After having reached first waterfall, we see the second (1850 m) and the third one (2000 m).

Although without risk, this perfectly safe metal footbridge can pose a problem for people who are afraid of heights. Indeed, this enormous waterfall generates a lot of spray and wind, which can be a little intimidating.

The trail, which is always very stony, becomes steeper and more open. After a short but abrupt climb, we reach a small pass overlooking the mountain pastures. The footpath then descends until it attains the Lac du Glacier. This lake offers a wonderful view of the mountain pastures and the surrounding peaks. It takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes from the car park to get to the Lac du Glacier.

After the path becomes much steeper and describes large stone laces. The view is plunging and changing as we climb up to the Lac du Glacier and its plateau is superb. After a last effort, one reaches the visible pass with the boulder placed on its crest. After a short descent, we win the Refugio Deffeyes and the Lago del Rutor.

Difficulty : Easy for Rutor Waterfalls. Intermediate for Lac du Glacier. Upper-intermediate for Refugio Deffeyes

Altitude : +1100 m at Rifugio Deffeyes

Ascent : 1 hour 20 min for Rutor Waterfalls / 2 h 10 for Lac du Glacier / 3 h 00 for Refugio Deffeyes