Sport fishing


Fishing is possible in the region on the central river of Dora Baltea, in mountain rivers and alpine lakes.

We will prepare fishing licences for you, as well as provide all the necessary information about where and when to fish, equipment options permitted in the region, methods of fishing and bait.

In addition to the natural sites suitable for free fishing, within the region there are many nature reserves, in which is possible to fish according to the regulation “catch & release” (also known as “no-kill”). This technique requires to use peculiar equipment and fishing methods and also, most important, the fish have to be unhooked and returned to the water after capture.

The annual cost of the fishing permit is 10 euro. Tourists who live in Italy, they may obtain the fishing license from their local council. For foreign tourists will be our care provide them the fishing permit for the Aosta Valley.


Nature reserve of Valpelline

Valpelline is the most popular location for fishing in the region. It is located between the Great St. Bernard Pass and Aosta. The lake is full of trout and the insemination is done weekly. There are many brown trout, but you can also find rainbow and marble trout.
The average weight of trout is of 1.3/1.5 pounds, and the length of about 13 inches.
The daily fishing permit costs 35 € (up to 5 fish).



Fishing in lakes and rivers

In La Thuile, Cogne, Valtournenche, Courmayeur and Aosta is allowed to fish in lakes and rivers, where there are mostly brown trout with an average weight of 0.6/0.9 pounds, and size of about 10 inches.

The daily fishing permit costs 26 € (up to 6 fish).



Fishing in mountain lakes

In the alpine lakes, trout insemination takes place only once during the season. For this reason the fishing is permitted for a period not exceeding 2 consecutive days.
Here you can find brown trout, brook trout and rainbow trout (sized around 7.9 inches).

The daily fishing permit costs 21 € (up to 8 fish).
On request, you can order a transfer service by helicopter to the lake.



In the rivers near Cogne, Aosta, Brusson and Morgex fishing is allowed exclusively in according to "No Kill" rules.

The daily fishing permit costs 18 €.