Rafting Aosta Valley


Rafting day begins with a briefing by the instructors, concerning technical and safety procedures. After that, all participants wear wetsuits, helmets, life jackets and they get on board to the raft still on the ground, in order to practice and simulate the instructions just received. Just after this step the wet activity can begin.
Within the area equipped for rafting are available hot water showers, changing rooms, restaurant, bar, picnic area, a small pond and an area for tents. At the end of the day, at the office, you can purchase some photos taken by some photographers, while you enjoyed rafting.

Just bring with you:
- bathing suit;
- towel and flip-flop for shower.

Easy Route

In the easy route, participants compete in steer the raft, following the indications given by the instructor and, if they want, they can dive into the water, in order to learn how to be recovered on board the raft by their friends.

Children will steer their route onboard to a raft dedicated to them, and with an additional instructor.
Within the easy path, the river width is about 30-40 m, the current is slow and there are no jumps.
It takes about 20 minutes, to participants, at covering the stretch easier.
After docking of the rafts, participants come back to the starting point by minibus.
The easy part of the trail is also part of the classical stretch. 

The price of the easy route:

€ 20 for children under 12 years
€ 25 for adults.

Classical Route

Participants of classical route are accompanied by minibus along the river, almost until Courmayeur, where it starts this second interesting and beautiful path.
Beginners have nothing to be afraid: deal with this stretch does not require any specific experience and skill, the guide has the situation under control, and the participants help him to paddle.
The jumps on the river are not high and when they approach the raft, everyone will be warned in advance by the guide, so as to be almost impossible to get caught and fall into the river.
The route is among waterfalls, vineyards, hiking trails and, if it is a lucky day, you can also see wild animals. Reached the end of the section corresponding to the easy route, the participants return by minibus to the base.
The journey takes about 1 - 1:20 h (depending on the river water level), and it is suitable for beginners and children over 16 years.

Price is 40 € per person.

One-day rafting

In order to understand what the real rafting is, we suggest the path that embraces the whole day.

Meeting is usually set at 9 am (or at another time, depending on the request), for collect and prepare the equipment. We start at 10 am.
The entire path is composed of classic route plus a navigation stretch along the river Dora Baltea, in direction of Aosta.
At about 13.30, it's back to the base by minibus, where participants find on waiting them a tasty barbecue and cold beer.

The price is 80 euro per person.

Included: wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, 4-hours rafting, barbecue.