Mountain bike in Aosta Valley



From the highest point (Plateau Rosa) is possible to arrive by mountain bike up to Cervinia.
This is the longest route.

Trail length: 10 Km.
Height difference: 1,500 m.
Difficulty: medium (red trail). 
Downhill can be made by mountain bike or motocross.

Trail 1: Plan Maison - Cervinia
Length: 3,300 m.
Height difference: 450 m.
Difficulty: medium (red trail). 
This trail is suitable for expert bikers.
Trail 2: Cime Bianche - Cervinia 

Length: 7,000 m 

Height difference: 781 m.

Difficulty: medium (red trail). 

This trail is suitable for expert bikers and for free-ride lovers.
Easy trail: 
Length: 4,000 m. 
Height difference: 450 m. 
Difficulty: easy (blue trail).
This trail is suitable for beginners and for those attempting mountain-bike for the first time.



In Pila there are 4 mountain bike trails, each with 3 variations of difficulty.

3 downhill trails, 2.1 km long;
3 free-ride trails, 7.3 km long;
1 free-ride trail from Chamolé up to Aosta, 11 km long, which can be made by mountain bike or bike for downhill.

Cross country lovers find in Pila 12 trails, for a total length of 185 km.



La Thuile

La Thuile offers approximately 220 km of cross-country trails.

There are varying difficulty ramps, bumps and parabolic curves, plus trails for downhill both easy and difficult, and routes for beginners.




Not a difficult route, which begins at Courmayeur and leads through Morgex and the Pré St. Didier spa complex

Length: 31 km.

Height difference: 550 m.

Time: 2 h.




Gran Paradiso

It is a medium difficult route on paved roads and dirt roads. It starts at Cogne and leads to Lillaz. From there you can get to a place where you can admire four beautiful waterfalls.

Then path back towards Cogne.

Length: 24.5 km.

Height difference: 780 m.

Time: about 2h 30’.