Vineyards & animals

wine tasting tour aosta, courmayeur, cervinia, turinenlightenedSHEEP
Sheep are used as weed control and they are too small to reach the grapes


 enlightenedKUNEKUNE PIGS
They eat vegetation without excessively digging up the ground, like other breeds

They help herd the sheep do their weeding and ones to protect the sheep from predators

enlightened GEESE
They are also used for weed control in the vineyards, even more often then sheep


They are used to combat weeds, cutworms and other insect pests that would harm the vines.
The chicken manure is also used in the compost soil

enlightenedFALCONS & HAWKS

Are used to ward off starling birds, which were eating the grapes


Are used to keep away pests that may eat the grapes or damage the vines, such as jackrabbits and gophers


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