Do you know the history of the Italian wine name “Est! Est! Est!” ?

wine tastings, interesting stories aosta, courmayeur, chamonix, cerviniaLegend says that, in XII, a German bishop was following the expedition of German King to Rome.
The bishop sent his servant, Martin, ahead to choose the best Italian wines on the way.
If Martin had found good wine, he had to write “Est” (latin: Vinum est bonum) next to the door of the locanda.

When the servant arrived in Montefiascone and tasted the local wine, he was overwhelmed. That’s why he repeated three times “Est” with 6 exclamation points: “Est! Est!! Est!!!”.

It’s said that after the bishop arrived, he forgot his pilgrimage and stayed there enjoying the fine wine until his death (apparently due to an excess of wine drinking).
For centuries afterwards, the tradition to celebrate the anniversary of his death was to pour a bottle of this wine over his tombstone.


Grapes: Malvasia, Trebbiano, Roscetto (one of the world's rarest grapes!)
It pairs well with fish, shellfish, cold dishes, white meat, vegetables, pasta.
Aromas: white and tropical fruits, Mineral, Grassy

Vivino: 3,5/5


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