Wine bottle's punt


Punt is the name given to the dimple at the bottom of the wine bottles. And there is absolutely no consensus for its origin and use. That’s why the purpose of such indentation is often the cause of debates among the wine geeks.

We don’t have one answer for you but 4!

punt in wine bottle1. Practical transportation: the protruding cap of the bottle rested against the punt of the front bottle, and a fairly good fixation was created.

2. Content Sedimentation – The angle of the punt on the bottom of the bottle makes a narrow space where the sediments are collected near the base. The sediments cannot blend back in the wine.

3. Aesthetic: Wine bottles were free blown using a blowpipe and pontil. This technique leaves a punt mark on the base of the bottle, by indenting the point where the pontil is attached

4. Strength Enhancing: It increases the strength of the bottle, allowing it to hold the high pressure (as high as 80 to 90 psi – 3 times the pressure inside a typical tire) of sparkling wine/champagne.
With the punt, the carbon dioxide is distributed evenly within thus reducing the “time bomb” effect.




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