Wine tasting


Wine tasting of the Highest Wines in Europe


wine tasting courmayeur chamonixThe vineyards near Mont-blanc are some of the highest in Europe, and the subsequent wines have a distinctively Alpine character;

Prie Blanc it is the oldest grape of record in Valle d’Aosta, and all of the sixty or so acres dedicated to it are DOC designated.

Vineyards are arranged in small, individual plots surrounded by stone walls, which help create microclimates that insulate vines
The wallscapture the daytime heat and radiate it back onto the vines during the cooler evenings

High altitudes and extreme climate saved local Prie Blanc from the phylloxera plague that ravaged most European vineyards in the 19th century

  • 100% Prié Blanc grapes
  • First fermentation is carried out in wood (larch-oak barrels) and in stainless steel
  • Traditional second fermentation in the bottle
  • Dégorgement not earlier than 17 months
  • An initial mineral sensation is followed by pronounced notes of rennet apples and a clear finish of apricot and peach


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