History of Risotto


history of risottoWhere did risotto originate? In northern Italy in the XV century, the Lombardy plains were cleared to establish rice fields. 
The motivation for the clearing and reclaiming of the plains was simply the demand of the growing towns for food.

enlightenedValerius, a young apprentice, is believed to be the creator of risotto.
In 1574, he was put in charge of making the stained-glass window that was to adorn the Cathedral Duomo Di Milano. While he worked, many of the townspeople made fun of him, giving credit to the herb saffron for the beautiful colors showcased in his artwork.

As a result, Valerius became angry and devised a plan of retaliation. During his master's wedding, he added an excessive amount of saffron to the rice being served as the main dish.

He hoped his action would ruin the festivities, but instead the rice received great reviews, launching risotto into culinary fame.


P.S. foto of paella and not risotto cheeky