Flower traditions in Italy


flowers in italyThe tradition of gifting flowers in Italy is a long and storied one. For the shoe-shaped country in Europe, it dates back to Roman times, when the cult of ‘Flora’ the Goddess of nature, was popularized by Sabine Emperor named Titus.

An annual ‘Floralia’ or festival of flowers was celebrated in the Roman Empire since ancient times. In more modern times the nation of Italy celebrates its natural abundance, by naming the ‘Stylized Lily’, the symbol of innocence, purity, and peace as its national flower.

One of the most common wedding traditions is car decoration with flowers and it comes from Italy.
In ancient times it was believed that a wedding carriage decorated with bouquets of flowering plants would surely lead the newly-made family to prosperity and well-being.
And the tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet to unmarried friends was born in Italy.
Initially, wedding bouquets were made of orange flowers - a symbol of joy and welfare.

Today, the tradition has changed and people prefer to give for a birthday not a bouquet, but flowers in pots.