Facts about Italy

  • interesting facts about italy1. EAT SLOWLY

In Italy hospitality comes first, and it would be unthinkable to rush a customer through a meal. Don’t expect your waiter to hover and ask every five minutes how things are going. If you need something from him you’ll have to keep a sharp eye out and be a quick draw with your question as he passes by.



From a historical perspective or cultured, Tuscan dialect, which the three most important poets of the 1300s (Alighieri, Boccaccio and Petrarch) wrote in can be considered the basis of modern Italian.



A classic Italian breakfast at a “bar” or pastry shop is caffè espresso (or cappuccino) and croissant.

  • 4. Monuments

Every town in Italy has a square or a street of Garibaldi (He honed his revolutionary ideas that led to the unification of Italy through his military leadership)

  • 5. ITALIA

Originally it was spelled Vitalia, as the Latin vitalus, literally meaning "calf land", "Land of Cattle". The area was rich with bovine.