Italian wine

Italy has consistently been a world leader in wine production. Over its long history, modern Italy evolved from a loose collection of city-states. Today wine is made in all 20 italian regions and follows the European system of laws based on very specific geographical areas, grape varietals, aging requirements and other winemaking quality controls.

Dry wine: In Italian, "Vino" is always dry. Alcohol volume 12%. But on labels intended for export, can be written "Secco" (dry).

Semi-dry / semi-sweet wine: There are several types of semi-dry / semi-sweet wines such as Lambrusco (with gas) or Bonarda. In this case, on the bottle written Amabile (translated as "Pleasant"). Alcohol volume 9-11%.

• There are also dessert wines (in Italian Vino Liquoroso). Marsala, Recioto, Zibibbo, etc. 16-18%.

Sparking wines can be: Spumante (foam), Frizzante (effervescent) or Vivace (slightly sparkling - natural aeration during fermentation). Spumante and Frizzante can be as natural aeration (Fermentazione naturale), and artificial (cheap wines).


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