Val Veny and Val Ferret


trekking val ferret val veny courmayeurVal Veny and Val Ferret offer walks and treks for everyone, with enchanting alpina views.

Spectacular itineraries to admire Mont Blanc in all its grandeur and at a close distance.
What makes a place unique?

The perfumes, the sounds and the images that accompany it, elements that are imprinted in the memory of those who are immersed.

Imagine walking an a soft carpet o larch needles: the scent of the resin and wild herbs surround you, the roar of the dream at the bottom of the valley accompanied you like a rustle that is transported by the warm breeze.

Suddenly, from behind a cold in the mountain a huge silhouette appears: a spread of white snow, reddish grey rock towers.

You cannot be unmoved in the face of such a landscape.