From Wicked Mountain to Mont Blanc


From Monte Maledetto (Wicked Mountain) to Mont Blanc: the legend of the mountain never satisfied with victims.

mont blanc legendWhen, over the centuries, Mont Blanc projected its sinister shadow over the valleys that lay at its feet, the people who lived there were deeply afraid of the great mountain which in fact was called Mont Maudit (cursed mountain).

A massif, never satisfied with victims, from which, rocks, ice blocks and avalanches continually fell to the valley.

Those who liberated the valleys from the curse were the curate of Cogne, who confined the "manteillon" to the mountain, condemning them to twist ropes with the sand; a humble friar who banished among the ice the devils that infested Val Veny; a mysterious wayfarer who buried evil spirits inside the glacier.

They succeeded thanks to the snow that began to fall on the damned mountain, covering it with a blanket that trapped the evil spirits forever