Native wine Mayolet tasting in Aosta

mayolet native wine tasting aosta courmayeur chamonix cerviniaThe Mayolet vines have been reported in the Aosta Valley since the late 18th century, so it is a true native of Valle d'Aosta.

It can make outstanding wine that is light to medium bodied and uniquely refined and aromatic, projecting strong notes of spice, purple flowers, blue/black fruits and white pepper.

Mayolet is thin-skinned and has tightly packed bunches that are susceptible to botrytis, so growers often describe it as “a nightmare in the vineyard” and avoid growing it altogether.

In addition to making svelte mono varietal wine, it sometimes plays a minor role in the fuller-bodied blends of Torrette (Petit Rouge and Fumin grapes), which benefit aromatically from a slathering of Mayolet.
These tend to be quite delicate, with lightly spiced cherry and blueberry characters and good levels of acidity, and sometimes are made with a hint of bitterness

Food paring:
Grilled beef with fresh goats' cheese
Polenta with smoked bacon
Pancake with pork and prawns

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