Two lakes in Aosta Valley

lake mort hiking aosta valley with guide trekking courmayeurThe hike begins at the stunning Lac de Place-Moulin and continue on up to Lac Mort.

You’ll spellbound by technicolour aquamarine colour of Lake Place-Moulin. It’s so brilliantly blue-green that the color looked fake and the large hydro-electric dam which is definitely an engineering feat. The dam holds a ton of water that nourishes the surrounding villages and countryside in the Aosta Valley.

The hike begin with relatively steep path bringing us up to Lac Long (2 hours) at 2720 m/8923 feet and in 20 minutes later to Lac Mort at 2843 m/9327 feet.


lake long in aosta valley trekking intermediate adultsGiven the remoteness of Bionaz, there is a ton of flora and fauna to be found and not many people.

As you climb up the steep path leading you higher and higher into the mountains, all you’ll think about is the reward for your efforts. A view of the legendary Lac Mort, a high alpine lake at 2843 meters (9327 feet) above the Aosta Valley on her perch in the Italian Alps.

After two hours of hiking, you reach Lac Long. It is absolutely stunning!  You only have about twenty minutes to go to the legendary Lac Mort.


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