Pasta cooking master class in Courmayeur & Chamonix

 cooking master class in courmayeur, chamonix, pasta making private tourDream of making fresh pasta from scratch? Make your dream a reality. We will teach you the secrets in our pasta class in Courmayeur.

The master class of Italian PASTA and SAUCES in a few words: the history, theory&principles, difference between dry and fresh, many secrets to create e refine it, study and choice of ingredients, the doughs, the moldings, the forming.

Instead of yellow egg pasta, we can teach you how to make green egg pasta

Italian sauces, bases, classics, variations, combinations, presentation.


After the lesson, have a delightful lunch or dinner, where you'll taste the fruits of your labour accompanied by local wines and selected beverages.

Join our cooking master class in Courmayeur and Chamonix