Summer holidays in Aosta Valley

summer holidays in aosta valley with children wine tasting tours chamonix courmayeur cerviniaSo many people head here each year for their skiing fix but have they never considered the draw once the snow melts? If you’ve never taken an Alps summer holiday, you’re really missing out.

Physical activity. Beautiful scenery. Who doesn't like the occasional hike in the great outdoors?

By the number of emotions, one hiking day can be more interesting and eventful than a month of ordinary life. That is why we go hiking and invite you to join us!

Being outdoors increases well-being, helps alleviate stress and anxiety, promotes creativity, assists with recovery from mental fatigue, helps restore attention, boosts the brain's ability to think, and engages the senses.

With a cacophony of colourful blossoms, emerald green lakes and incredible wildlife you’d be hard pushed to find somewhere better to explore on foot.

The Alps summer parties are put on each month and every town or village hosts at least one, just keep your eyes peeled for the signs. Aosta Valley village festivals are jovial affairs with music, dancing, cheese and wine and there’s usually some local tradition thrown in for extra measure.

There’s so much going on during an Alps summer that you’ll be pushed to find the time to fit it all in.


Aosta Valley is a perfect place for hiking and wine & food tastings