Tannat wine

wine tasting in aosta, chamonix, courmayeurIn 1412, Emperor Pachacutec took possession of the Ica Valley and, as a sign of love, offered her beloved any gift of her choice. 

She wished to see how the river waters reached her deserted city.
Thereby, the irrigation system of Emperor Pachacuchek made possible to produce wine in the future, when the first settlers arrived in the Ica Valley.

Tannat grapes

  • Tasting notes: Intense red granate colour.
  • Flavors: red and black fruits, cherries, strawberries, dark chocolate, cardamom, licorice. Spicy accents, while toasty oak is draped over a chewy, meaty finish. Ripe and round tannins, natural acidity, good volume, exquisite and long.
  • Food pairing: Spicy ratatouille, beef, sausages, rosted lamb, duck confit.

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